Large Animal Services

The Clinton Street Veterinary Clinic provides property and farm visits to treat large animals including horses, sheep, cattle, goats and alpacas. A consultation can be booked with the Clinic during business hours. Specific large animal services include:



Our equine patients experience a range of emergencies from a bout of colic (abdominal pain), through to a sore eye or leg injuries from running through a fence. Our veterinarians can provide emergency visits every day of the year for your horse.


Lameness and imaging

When horses become lame or sore in a leg, a diagnosis and treatment plan be created for each individual animal. In certain circumstances x-rays can be taken to allow our vets to inspect bony structures.


Our veterinarians can assist with pregnancy diagnosis in horses with an ultrasound through to artificial insemination, foaling or reproduction manipulation like gelding colts.

Microchipping, branding and vaccination

Permanent identification with either a microchip or brand can be performed on horses, as well as providing information about appropriate vaccination programs and parasite prevention.

Blood tests

Blood can be collected in a diagnostic work up of your sick horse. Blood tests can test organ function, blood parameters or check for certain diseases like Cushings.

Endoscope examinations

Upper air way structures like the larynx (voice box) or trachea (wind pipe) may need to be inspected by a fibre optic camera if the horse if showing respiratory disease.

Prepurchase examinations

An examination by an experienced equine veterinarian prior to purchase of a new horse can help potential buyers make up their mind about buying a horse. A horse does not pass or fail a vet check, instead the veterinarian will mention what they observed at the time of the examination and provide you with a written report. 


Herd management

We can advise about vaccination, worming, feed budgeting and breeding for your cows, sheep or goats.

Emergency visits

We can assist in emergencies be it a difficult calving, a case of bloat, sick animal or flock.

Pregnancy diagnosis

Pregnancy diagnosis provides producers with information about which animals have fallen pregnant and which animals are not pregnant. This is important as it allows producers to allocate feed and when to sell certain animals. It also provides an opportunity to ask the vet questions about issues you may be having on farm.


Castrating calves over 6 months of age can be done by our veterinarians with the help of local anaesthetics and analgesia. We can also castrate alpacas, sheep or goats.

Herd health testing

We can offer brucellosis testing for stud sheep or johne’s testing for sheep and cattle. There are other tests like CAE we can test in goats or Pestivirus in cattle that be preformed from blood collected by our veterinarians. Additionally, we can advise about drench programs based on faecal egg counts.


The Clinton Street Veterinary Clinic stocks a range of prescription medications to use on large animals including horses and livestock. Prescription medication like antibiotics and anti-inflammatories cannot be prescribed over the counter and require our veterinarians to be treating an animal to be prescribed.