Small Animal Services

The Clinic regularly sees traditional pets such as cats and dogs but can also treat the pocket pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets), birds and reptiles. The services offered at the Clinic include:


We offer consultations 6 days a week between 8:30-1pmm and 2:30 -6 pm Monday to Friday (9-12 on Saturday). We do consultations by appointment between these times but emergencies will be prioritised and walk in consultations will be seen where possible.


We recommend a yearly check over with a physical examination and vaccination for your animal. Certain diseases such as Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus are common in Goulburn and can easily be prevented with a canine vaccination. Cats also need protecting from Feline Parvovirus, rhinotracheitis and calicirrus. Additionally, dogs can be covered for kennel cough vaccine if going into boarding. We also vaccinate rabbits for Calicivirus and ferrets for distemper, hepatitis and parvo virus. 



The Clinic can provide a range of soft tissue and orthopaedic (bone, joint and ligament) surgeries including cranial cruciate ligament repair, luxating patella's, broken bones, intestinal obstructions, caesareans, lump removals etc. Surgery is a skill and takes years of practice to perfect and the Clinton Street Veterinary Clinic has vets who are experienced and passionate about surgery.


Castration in male animals and speying in female animals removes the animal's ability to reproduce helping to stop accidental litters. Desexing also has a range of health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain cancers and reduces pet registration costs. All of our desexings get a full health check prior to anaesthetic, a dedicated nurse to monitor your pets anaesthetic and pain relief injections before and after surgery.


Our vets can provide digital x-rays to provide instant views of internal structures like bones. Additionally we can provide an ultrasound of soft tissue structures like abdominal organs or uterus to detect pregnancy.

Laboratory testing

We can provide blood tests and results in as quick as 15 minutes or send samples away to external laboratories. Analysis of blood samples gives the veterinarians information about organ function, blood parameters and response to treatment. We can measure dog progesterone levels to help optimise time of mating. Our vets may use a microscope to look for parasites, skin scrapings or for fine needle biopsies. Further testing on urine, tissue (histopathology) or DNA can be arranged.

Dog breeding

Optimising time of mating by measuring progesterone allows us to monitor ovulation as well as time accurately elective caesareans. We can provide fresh or chilled semen insemination. For registered breeders we can provide a litter rate vaccination price.


As they age, 80% of pets experience dental disease and we are equipped to provide scale and polishes of teeth through to extractions guided by the use of dental digital x-rays that can allow our vets to inspect the tooth health below the gum line.


A microchip is a small transponder that is inserted under the skin of your pet and allows the pet to be reunited with its owner if it goes missing and does not have any other form of identification like a collar and tag.


One of the hardest decisions will be to know when it is the right time to say goodbye to your pet. Working with our veterinarians, we can help you say goodbye to your pet in the clinic or at your home. We offer cremation and ashes, or can assist with disposal if you do not wish to take your pet home.


Our clinic is stocked with a range of medications for both small and large animals. This includes prescription medications like antibiotics, pain killers and chronic illness medication. We also have an extensive supply of parasite prevention products, shampoos, supplements and prescription diets.


Sometimes our pets need extensive treatment to make them feel better. This may include intravenous fluids, repeated medication or monitoring in our hospital facility.


Tailoring the safest anaesthetic to each individual pet is our priority including monitoring them from induction, during the anaesthetic and while they recover. Pain relief and sedation are provided to relax your animal prior to anaesthesia.

Nail clipping and Grooming

There are many excellent pet groomers in the Goulburn area however not all animals are happy about being clipped, especially cats, and they require some sedation to relax them during the clipping. We can also clip nails in consults or while animals are in hospital and we are happy to teach owners about how to clip their pet's nails.


We provide treatment to all Australian wildlife. If you find injured wildlife then bring it to the clinic during business hours and our Veterinarians well triage patients and move animals onto local registered wildlife carers to continue rehabilitation before they can be released back where they were initially found.

Specialist referrals

As the field of veterinary medicine grows, more procedures and testing can be offered to our pets. Additional testing like Computerised Tomography(CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans or specialist surgeries can be organised with a referral. A specialist ophthalmologist visits Goulburn once a month for tricky eye cases.